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Pilinszky in a different way

Pilinszky in a different way

János Pilinszky evening - an inspiring meeting of music and poetry
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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
Special programs
Hobo László Földes
Csaba Vastag
Oliver From Earth
Juli Karosi and Péter Cseh
Csenge Müller
Hold Utca
Pátkai Rozina Minka x Színész Bob
Péter Novák

Pilinszky in a different way

A joint event from the House of Music Hungary and the Imre Kertész Institute. The evening will feature a selection of award-winning works by Pilinszky in the Pilinszky, New Perspectives music competition, which was announced as part of the Imre Kertész Pilinszky 100 programme series, including performances by ‘Hobo’, László Földes, who also has a close musical relationship with János Pilinszky's oeuvre, and Minka, who will perform Pilinszky poems with surprising musicality. Péter Novák will be host for the evening.

The Imre Kertész Institute's 2021 Pilinszky, New Perspectives music competition received entries from a variety of genres, from black metal to musicals, from jazz to trap, to pop music with folk elements. The winning Pilinszky poems, born from the inspirational meeting of music and poetry, can now be heard at The House of Music Hungary on János Pilinszky's birthday, 27 November.

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