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Welcome to the House of Music Hungary, where music really belongs to all. We welcome visitors of all ages, with a preference for any genre of music and with every level of musical skill, as well as everybody with an openness to all forms of musical interaction. Our diverse range of events provides a plethora of musical experiences, including exhibitions, concerts, playing music together, singing, dance, exciting music education workshops and lecture courses.        

The House of Music Hungary has a tripartite structure in regard to both its architectural and institutional organisation. On the underground level places have been allocated to permanent and temporary exhibitions on an area of more than 2,000 square metres. The two interior spaces on the level of the park are suitable for hosting live music events, concerts and workshops. In the open-air garden area people can have a pleasant conversation while enjoying concerts and performances on an open-air stage. The upstairs level houses the library providing a venue for quiet study, learning and education with works primarily on popular music, as well as music education rooms with workshops bringing young people closer to music.

In the House of Music Hungary you can:

  • experience music,
  • listen to music,
  • try out music,
  • make music,
  • hear interesting things about music,
  • learn about music,
  • discover music,
  • research music and
  • experiment with music.