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Program series

In the underground levels of the House of Music Hungary lies the Sound Dome. This is where the program begins, with a short film providing an unusual acoustic and visual experience, after which the visitors are shown an increasing number of similar films.

2022/04/06 - 2024/06/05

The aim of the series is to draw attention to one of the most important parts of Hungarian heritage, the Roma music of the cafés, which sadly is increasingly neglected nowadays. 

Whether it is the stirring melodies of stringed Roma bands or the moving melodies of bar pianists, music has always permeated the restaurants, pubs and cafés of Hungarian towns. Once a month, the Musicians’ Café series, launched in the café at the House of Music Hungary, takes its audience into the world of visiting musicians. During our café evenings, we bring to life the restaurant atmosphere of the Gyula Krúdy era, celebrities like Pál Jávor and Antal Páger, who partied with the bands, or decadent jazz musicians. The aim of the series is to draw attention to one of our most important Hungarian heritage items: café Roma music, which is sadly being neglected increasingly.

2022/10/26 - 2024/05/14

Rock and roll is, somewhat simplistically, the result of a particular cultural-historical fusion: that of when the musical traditions of Black slaves brought over from Africa met those of white settlers who had emigrated from Europe to the new world, the Americas. Moreover, all this took place in a radically transforming society, following technological progress and its associated industrialisation and urbanisation. In the second season of this series, we look at the social, cultural and musical events of the period from Elvis to the twilight of the rock and roll era in the Fifties.

2022/02/02 - 2024/06/05

Contemporary Hungarian film and (rock) music have been in contact practically since the late 1960s. Sometimes more intensively, sometimes more loosely, but they are essentially inseparable.  Before the screenings, Béla Szilárd Jávorszky will talk briefly about the genesis and pop-historical significance of these works, followed by a discussion with a guest film aesthetics expert on the relevant domestic and international trends.

Language: Hungarian

2022/02/22 - 2024/05/28

I have deliberately left the words ‘music history’ out of the title. Although, of course, in my own case it is the basis of everything: my studies and more than 40 years of teaching. For me, however, music history is increasingly becoming a tool to see and, above all, to hear behind all great music and, inspired by the music, to imagine things that may or may not be true, but which enhance the experience of the encounter.

Subjective? Clearly it is: subjective fantasy in moments that only this deep and soaring art can create. I invoke words to accompany music, but the point lies in the gestures and in the experience of listening to music together. My aim is to draw the mysticism of music into an educational ritual. Those who want to learn from it are able to, of course, but the journey itself is more important, the thing that leads to the music and through it to its secrets. Let's slow down time together for a fleeting yet timeless hour.

Language: hungarian

2023/02/17 - 2024/06/04

Sing-along baby

Singing together and moving together is not only a good game, but it has a developing effect on children and adults alike. On Tuesday mornings, we prepare music lessons for the little ones. The Hungarian Heritage Award Rocking session is available on a weekly basis at the House of Music. The classes are held by Gáll Viki. Recommended age: 0-3 years Maximum group size: 30 people

2022/02/15 - 2024/06/11