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The following websites and databases are available on the library computers and can be used free of charge on site:

ARCANUM – a centuries-old collection of complete, searchable (specialist) books, encyclopaedias, journals and newspapers

NAVA – a complete archive of movies, TV shows, news and streaming

OPAC – the library catalogue itself, which is constantly being processed.

Search tip: you can now find and stream the National Film Institute's music films by document type under Video recordings. You can also listen to and browse the Hungaroton archive with more than 16000 tracks. The archives can be browsed on eight workstations, all equipped with professional headphones for a high-quality listening and film experience. For local reading, we also recommend old-new (Wanted, Z Magazine, Wan2, Poptika, etc.) and brand new domestic (FolkMAGazin, Recorder, Rockstar, song+songwriter) and international magazines/journals (Mojo, Rolling Stone, Wire, Record Collector, Shindig! etc.), our ever-expanding collection of pop culture books, records, CDs, and our private collections and bequests of goodies make it unique.





This 255 m2 venue, which boasts the latest technological advances, documents the entire history of Hungarian popular music in all genres and styles. The collection covers not only all relevant trends in beat/pop/rock music (from traditional dance music to hard rock, from underground to mainstream pop), but also – from a longer perspective – the most important documents in the history of the domestic blues, jazz and folk/world music scene.

The House of Music Hungary Multimedia Library and Club provides more than a classic library and periodical shelving system, a computer workstation, a reading corner and a music listening room (for up to 10 people), it also offers seated genre history screenings and lectures (for up to 50 people), and a venue where educational series can be organised for adults and thematic music lessons for students.

The House of Music Hungary Multimedia Library and Club is in fact the realisation of what the popular music profession needed for decades: a database and information centre where researchers and the general public can have access to the most important written, audio, photographic and film documents on the history of Hungarian popular music (pop, rock, jazz, blues, folk music) at a single location. Pop culture books, records, films, magazines, radio and television programmes, posters and a photo library. For research on site only.

Rock and roll is, somewhat simplistically, the result of a particular cultural-historical fusion: that of when the musical traditions of Black slaves brought over from Africa met those of white settlers who had emigrated from Europe to the new world, the Americas. Moreover, all this took place in a radically transforming society, following technological progress and its associated industrialisation and urbanisation. In the second season of this series, we look at the social, cultural and musical events of the period from Elvis to the twilight of the rock and roll era in the Fifties.

2022/02/02 - 2024/06/05

Contemporary Hungarian film and (rock) music have been in contact practically since the late 1960s. Sometimes more intensively, sometimes more loosely, but they are essentially inseparable.  Before the screenings, Béla Szilárd Jávorszky will talk briefly about the genesis and pop-historical significance of these works, followed by a discussion with a guest film aesthetics expert on the relevant domestic and international trends.

Language: Hungarian

2022/02/22 - 2024/10/29