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Family events



We welcome music-loving children and adults to our Saturday morning matinée programmes, while Tuesday mornings see the House taken over by babies and toddlers – together with parents and grandparents. Visitors can playfully engage with catchy melodies and a wide range of instruments. The events feature the contribution of noted artists in a wide range of genres as audience members actively participate in and become an integral part of the show!

The performances and activity sessions guarantee enthralling experiences for both younger and older children. Younger children can look forward to playful concerts, dancing, arts and crafts and interactive programmes, while older children can join in more complex musical games and activities. Our goal is to help children move one step closer to the heart of music. At the House of Music Hungary, children can develop the enthusiasm, inspiration and courage to understand the music they listen to and actively play it. We count older children as those aged 8-12, and younger children as aged 3-7, while we look forward to seeing babies and toddlers up to the age of three with their mummies, daddies and grandparents.