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SOLD-OUT - Csonka Balázs: Music from the Southlands

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20:00 - 21:30
Lecture hall
House of Music Hungary production

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tambura, accordion, vocals
Balázs Csonka
vocals, flute
Kata Krisztina Kovács
bass-prim tambura
Dániel Koller
tamburakontra, vocals
Bálint Horváth
bass tambura
Tamás Farkas

SOLD-OUT - Csonka Balázs: Music from the Southlands

Balázs Csonka is a Young Master of Folk Art, a tambura and accordion player from Vojvodina. The tambura is a popular musical instrument among the Hungarians and Southern Slavs who live alongside one another in the southern regions of the Carpathian Basin. The traditional melodies typical of this region will be revived at this concert with the musicians he met and became friends with at the Academy of Music: the singer and flutist Krisztina Kata Kovács, rhythm tambura Bálint Horváth, bass tambura Tamás Farkas and bass and prima tambura player Dániel Koller.

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