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Danyel Waro Workshop

18:15 - 19:00
Lecture hall
Music education
House of Music Hungary production
lead voice and kayanm
Danyèl Waro
rouler, voice
Mickael Talpot
sati, piker, voice
Bino Waro
congas, voice
Laurent Dalleau
triangle, voice
Gilles Lauret

Danyel Waro Workshop

A Danyel Waro & Interzone concert with a free concert ticket. A 40-minute workshop will be held in conjunction with the concert to offer a closer look at acoustic maloya, the traditional music of Reunion Island and the local blues. The instruments for the workshop will be provided by the Ethnosound instrument shop.


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When Austrian bass player Lukas Kranzelbinder (Shake Stew) first heard Danyèl Waro's music, he was deeply struck by the singer's voice and presence and knew immediately that they had to play together one day. His dream came true eight years later, when he travelled to Waro's home island of Reunion with his trio Interzone to meet the legendary Maloya musician and his band. They spent a week rehearsing together and getting to know one another – the latter even included a joint spiritual ceremony. On their return from the island, they finalised a musical programme that combines Waro's unique musical energies with Interzone's fresh and very exuberant approach. The collaboration made its world premiere at the Glatt & Verkehrt Festival in Austria in July 2022. Due to the huge success of the concert, they decided to continue their project in May 2024 with a four-concert tour, which we are very lucky to bring to the House of Music now.

2024/05/21 19:30
Concert hall