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DOME_LIVE 005 – Nagy Zétény: Would There Be A Void?

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19:00 - 20:00
Sound Dome
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House of Music Hungary production


DOME_LIVE 005 – Nagy Zétény: Would There Be A Void?

Would There Be a Void? is an experimental electro-acoustic spatial composition that leads the listener into cold, hostile, uncertain, unstable, and unexplored spaces where things that would be better left unknown are found. At first, sustained, smooth surface pitches fill the space, and then their initially ominous, static restlessness is replaced by tense variations.

The depth of the space steadily grows until it becomes too large to be filled by these sounds, and in their place appear continually jittering, moving, crackling, buzzing, snaking and straining sound objects. The direction of the reverberations begins to change, the reverberations darken and lengthen, the tension increases bringing the receiver to the realisation that they will not find peace in this space.

Sold Out

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2 000 Ft
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In the underground levels of the House of Music Hungary lies the Sound Dome. This is where the program begins, with a short film providing an unusual acoustic and visual experience, after which the visitors are shown an increasing number of similar films.

2022/04/06 - 2024/06/05

Warning of the risk of photosensitivity attacks

A small percentage of people may experience seizures due to certain visual images, including flashing lights and patterns that appear as part of the show.


      Age rating

      Viewing the show for our under 12s not recommended.


According to current regulations, from March 7, 2022, it is no longer obligatory to wear a mask when visiting the House of Music Hungary. Concerts, programs and exhibitions can be attended without a vaccination certificate or card.

Nevertheless we still encourage you to wear a mask during concerts. All current rules are subject to change based on the all-time rules and regulations of the government. We kindly ask you to check all current regulations for your event on our website before your visit in each case.