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DOME_LIVE 006 The intergalactic gateway

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19:30 - 20:00
Sound Dome
Program series
House of Music Hungary production


DOME_LIVE 006 The intergalactic gateway

What can the Sound Dome do? What is ’surround sound’? What is 360-degree projection? How are works produced for a unique audio-visual system like this? On this occasion, the Sound Dome itself will answer – using the voice of the actor Barbara Hegyi – more questions than you can shake a stick at, using a projection to lead the audience on a fabulous journey, illustrated with excerpts from the content currently being shown at the Dome. This short film aims partly to show the variety of ways in which the creators are able to use the technology built into the space, and partly to introduce viewers to the diversity of genres that can be explored within it. They can experience, for example, what happens when sound and image are in synch, and what it is like to have visual content responding instantly to sound and music at any given moment.

The virtual tour, which sets off from Liszt Ferenc Airport, offers visitors a playful way of exploring the complex system of the Sound Dome and its hidden potential.

Vazul Endre Mándli is the artistic curator of the new content woven together for the Sound Dome, Panni Néder is the story writer and director, while the sound engineer for the compilation is Tamás Zányi, the sound engineer for the Oscar-winning film Son of Saul, who has won multiple awards and international acclaim. The visual content was created by Gáspár Batta and András Juhász.

The screening of "Sound Dome: The Intergalactic Gateway" will be presented by the House of Music Hungary in cooperation with Budapest Airport as part of BrainBar 2022 and will then be included in the content available daily.

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