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Gyárfás Attila: Minimal Distance – solo album release concert

Gyárfás Attila: Minimal Distance – solo album release concert

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20:00 - 21:30
Lecture hall
House of Music Hungary production
drums, synthesizer
Attila Gyárfás
Balázs Pándi

Gyárfás Attila: Minimal Distance – solo album release concert

Attila Gyárfás, drummer and composer, is interested in exploring the free improvisation-based playing style and the sounds that result from his unusual handling of percussion equipment. A jazz drum teacher at the Liszt Academy of Music, his playing can be heard on more than 20 recordings. He is currently playing in a number of ensembles, most of which are international groups such as Identified Flying Object and the Filippo Vignato Trio, but he is also a member of both the Budapest Modern Jazz Collective and the János Ávéd Trio. He has given numerous solo concerts throughout his career, notably in New York, Milan and Vicenza. As a bandleader, he has recorded two albums (Cloud Factory in 2018 and Randomity in 2020), and the alternative interpretation of his album Minimal Distance, released on vinyl by Hunnia Records, will be performed publicly for the first time at the House of Music Hungary.

Sold Out

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