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Bánk Bán
Roland Tötös
Szilveszter Szélpál

IntrOpera #6

How can we make music and theatre accessible to all?

The Introduction to Opera series is where the fusion of these two fields – opera – can be understood and enjoyed by everyone. The programme of talks and concerts, which dissects the greatest operas in a humorous and easily accessible way, will continue in the 2022/23 season with an analysis of Ferenc Erkel's Bánk bán [Bánk the Palatine] at the House of Music Hungary. The audience will be introduced to the mysteries of the music by the mastermind Dániel Dinyés, while the director, Pál Göttinger, will give an insight into the operatic rehearsal process. The unique and unrepeatable introductions are accompanied night after night by the most renowned artists in Hungarian opera. Everything happens at the Introduction to Opera events that would never be allowed to happen at a traditional opera performance.

Musical director: Dániel Dinyés

Director: Pál Göttinger

The evenings are performed with some of the best-known opera singers.

Language: hungarian

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