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Musical Advent Calendar - JaMese songs with Anna T. Szabó's poems

Musical Advent Calendar - JaMese songs with Anna T. Szabó's poems

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12:00 - 13:15
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Emese Molnár
Melinda Kunfalvi
Ilona Andor Chamber Choir
poet, vocals
Anna T. Szabó
Feri Tarr

Musical Advent Calendar - JaMese songs with Anna T. Szabó's poems

The JaMese band's highly successful Musical Advent Calendar album can once again be heard live at the House of Music Hungary. The 24-piece song cycle, written around poems by Anna T. Szabó, was released in 2019 and spent several weeks on the Mahasz sales charts, reaching 7th place just before Christmas. One distinctive feature of the book is that there is a song for every day of the Advent season, to really prepare you for the wonders of the holiday ahead. The singer and songwriter in JaMese, Emese Molnár, wanted to spice up the anticipatory atmosphere with poems and music. This special concert, complete with choir will feature 24 songs for all the members of the family. The band is preparing several surprises for the special concert, and after the concert finishes, Anna T. Szabó and Emese Molnár will hold a musical poetry session for the children who attend the concert.

The language of this family event is Hungarian.

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Music has its good friends too. And as friends so often do, they often get together to create wonderful things. In this series, we aim to show how circus, drawing, theatre, poetry and dance are linked to music and vice versa, and how music can help these arts. And following the special performances, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself not only in music, but also in some amazing art forms. We welcome everyone who loves to create and would like to become best friends forever with the arts!

2022/09/10 - 2023/06/10

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