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Night of Museums
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Night of Museums

The Night of the Museums series of events awaits visitors with traditional and extra programs all over the country this year as well, the House of Music Hungary will join the initiative in 2022. they become testable. Our permanent music history exhibition entitled Musical Dimensions - Musical Journeys in Space and Time, our Sound Dome screenings and the miracles of musical instruments that will open in May will be available to try.

Our Creative Sound Space can also be visited by lovers of museums and exhibitions from 5 PM to midnight.

Tickets for the entire program series can be purchased on our standard interfaces.

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felnőtt: 2200 Ft gyermek: 1000 Ft
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Sound Dome Screening


18:00 DOME_000 Hangulatok
18:30 DOME_003 Enter the dome - by Lighthouse
19:00 DOME_002 Moment's Notice
21:00 DOME_000 Hangulatok
21:30 DOME_003 Enter the dome - by Lighthouse
22:00 DOME_002 Moment's Notice


RYOICHI KUROKAWA SIBLICITY Sound Dome Projection - DOME 001 Sound Dome Warnings:

Warning of the risk of photosensitivity seizures

A small percentage of people may experience dizziness or seizures due to certain visual images, including flashing lights and patterns that appear as part of the show.

Age rating

We do not recommend watching this show for viewers under 12 years of age.




Venue: House of Hungarian Music (Olof Palme setany 3.)

Registration before the walk: Millennium House, reception (Olof Palme setany 1.)

Dates: 19:30-20:10, 21:00-21:40, 23:00-23:40

Our visitors can get to know the larger spaces and functions of the house, learn interesting and exciting information about the design, construction and operation of the house. A maximum of 30 people can take part in the guided tour. Participation in the program is subject to on-site registration (Olof Palme setany 1.)  and Museum Night armband, in order of arrival!

Concerts in the House of Music 


The concerts can be visited with Night of Museums armbands in the House of Music on June 25th.

17:00 Apor Szüts and Dániel Ali Lugosi (Concert Hall)
18:00 Benjamin Forgó and Boglárka Forgó (Lecture Hall)
19:00 Gáspár Károly Trio (Concert Hall)
20:00 Lendvai Quartet (Lecture Hall)
20:00 FollowTheViolin (Open-air Stage)
21:00 Trio Squelini (Concert Hall)

Good To Know!

According to current regulations, from March 7, 2022, it is no longer obligatory to wear a mask when visiting the House of Music Hungary. Concerts, programs and exhibitions can be attended without a vaccination certificate or card.

Nevertheless we still encourage you to wear a mask during concerts. All current rules are subject to change based on the all-time rules and regulations of the government. We kindly ask you to check all current regulations for your event on our website before your visit in each case.