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SOLD-OUT - Subjective! András Batta's series

Fantasies of mystical moments in music - Adagio
Sold Out
19:00 - 20:30
Lecture hall
Music education
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House of Music Hungary production

András Batta

SOLD-OUT - Subjective! András Batta's series

In the first meeting of the series, I literally slow down time, because I'm quoting from works whose pace is very slow. Indeed, adagio is a musical term that refers to the slow tempo of a piece, but also defines its character. The expression of the emotions it conveys - the poetic content of the work - is often so strong that the adagio (with a capital letter!) breaks out of a multi-movement work, takes on a life of its own and wanders in a new life: it becomes a symbol, meets other artistic disciplines and even other musical styles. Adagio movements, and adagio moments in general, are mysterious in themselves: we like to immerse ourselves in them, even get lost in them, especially when the composer is called J.S. Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Gustav Mahler, Henryk Górecki or even the Procol Harum ensemble...

Sold Out

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