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The heritage of the Orchid Island - a Millennial Culture in Contemporary light

An all-arts evening with a group of Asian and European research artists
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19:00 - 23:00
Concert hall
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The heritage of the Orchid Island - a Millennial Culture in Contemporary light

What happens if we process the traditions of a people with a millennial culture by contemporary means? Researchers from the Vienna Academy of Music were hosted by the Tao ethnic group on the island of Orchidea near Taiwan for three years. After mapping out the local artistic heritage, they are now attempting to translate it into their own contemporary mode of expression on a special evening. What is the result? A live exhibition with musicians, film screenings or Taiwanese metal building on traditions.

During the magical evening, we will remember the exotic culture of LanYu, the island of Orchidea, in many different locations within the House of Music Hungary. In our lecture hall, from 6 pm until closing, video and audio installations show the three years of research, which can be joined at any time. As a live exhibition installation after the opening, contemporary musicians engage in a dialogue with traditional Tao art on screens. The highlight of the evening will be a joint concert of contemporary artists from Berlin and a Taiwanese metal band, followed by a joint, closing event in the most open spaces of the house.

18.00-19.00 Foreplay – free video and audio installations, waiting for the opening (Lecture Hall)

19.00-20.00 Opening, live installation based on a dialogue between screens and musicians (at several points in the house)

20.00-21.30 Inspired by the culture of the island, a genre-diverse concert (Concert Hall)

21.30-22.30 Open, community happening (Entrance Hall, Open-air Stage)

The basic question of the program is what inspirational practice based on mutual solidarity can connect researchers from Vienna, Berlin and Budapest with artists from LanYu, the island of Orchidea inhabited by the Tao people. Is it possible to reconcile the definitions of art and life in these two different worlds at all? This is what the Creative (Mis)Understandings artistic project, led by the Vienna Academy of Music (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien / MDW), has been about for the past three years. Its first closing event will take place on May 20 in Vienna, during the Researchers' Night program, within the walls of the Weltmuseum Wien. Three days after the presentation, a revised version of the program will arrive in the interior and exterior of the House of Music Hungary, completed with Hungarian participants.

The event presents the exciting results of the research in a broad spectrum of genres, in an overarching artistic form.

This includes:

  • Numerous video and audio installations
  • Several interviews about the Hungarian revival movement and saving Lanyu's ancient culture
  • Original versions of the island’s vocal traditions and those processed by the Taiwanese rock band Wild Thing
  • Electronic improvisation
  • A live installation by Sandeep Bhagwati employing screens and instrumentalists

This comprehensive program is crowned by an open-form, community closing happening, along the lines of instructions for members of the audience.




Johannes Kretz (A) - composer, project manager

Weiya Lin (A) - ethnomusicologist, violinist, co-leader of the project

Si Pehbowen (TWN) - dancer, researcher

Siaman Vongayan (TWN) - tao singer, music researcher, translator

Gryllus Samu - composer

Hui Ye (A) - artist, composer

Wolfgang Liebhart (A) - composer

Chiao-Hua Chang (A) - erhu artist, ethnomusicologist, translator

Daliah Hindler (A) - Project Assistant

Sandeep Bhagwati (DE) - composer, artistic director (Ensemble Extrakte)

Elshan Ghasimi (DE) (Ensemble Extract) - Tar

The Wild Thing (TWN)

Tara Khozein - voice

Bakos Bettika - voice

Endre Vazul Mándli - disharmony

Dániel Váczi - glissotar

Sarnyai Dalma - flute

Rubik Ernő Zoltán - piano, objects, movement

Kornél Fekete Kovács - trumpet

Viktor Sápi - trombone

Ming Wang (A) - composer

Voice of Ocean (TWN) - Traditional Tao singer


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