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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
House of Music Hungary production

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Gergely Koncz
fiddle, vocals
Attila Halmos
kontra, viola
Péter Árendás
kontra, cimbalom
Endre Liber
cello, double bass
András Lelkes


Founded in 1986, the Tükrös Band plays Hungarian folk music in the traditional string ensemble line-up, with the single addition of a cimbalom. The band members tell us that the everlasting beauty and power of village band music is that it has an effect on listeners even when there has been no intention of adapting it. Tükrös has made it their goal to pass on this tradition – and they have done so for nearly forty years. From the very beginning, the musicians in the group have concentrated on folk music for strings among the unlimited other possibilities. Within this, they have focused primarily on the music of the Upper Tisza region, the Mezzovany and parts of Transylvania. This is reflected in their concert at the Hungarian House of Music, where, in addition to their audience favourites, the band will also play music from their new album, due out this year.

Sold Out

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