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Hungarian Folk Singing Circle

Hungarian Folk Singing Circle

Between 2022/03/27 and
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The Hungarian Folk Singing Circle ('Népdalkör' in Hungarian) teaches Hungarian folk songs through workshops in the House of Music.
Join us to learn beautiful Hungarian village folk songs! These three 90-minute workshops are open to participants of all cultural, linguistic, and musical backgrounds, welcoming experienced singers as well as those without any previous experience in the style. We will learn a variety of songs from across the Hungarian language area, crafted over generations of unbroken oral tradition. The optional pronunciation class will cover all of the Hungarian letter sounds in detail, while the singing workshop will include the pronunciation and translation of that day’s song words. Participants receive village source recordings, ethnographic maps, song word sheets (lyrics), and background information on the songs, regions, and style.

Known for her friendly, rigorous teaching style, Zina Bozzay is an active performer, teacher, researcher, and arranger of traditional Hungarian village folk songs whose work focuses on bringing this tradition to English speakers. Trained by master Hungarian folk singers, she does song collecting work around the Carpathian Basin, performs internationally both as a soloist and with her acclaimed ensemble Vadalma, and has led the Hungarian Folk Singing Circle since 2010, in which her classes have hundreds of participants from dozens of countries around the world every year.


The workshop will be held in English.

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