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Partitúra live
2023/01/17 and
2023/04/11 between
Educational, Program series, Special programs
Junior/family, Classical/Contemporary
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The popular Duna TV show "Partitúra" has been running for five years, with seventy-five broadcasts from at least a hundred locations to its credit. For the creators: presenters Erika Miklósa and András Batta, director Peter Novák and chief cameraman András Horváth, the goal from the outset was to discover the cultural world of Hungary outside the capital. Music, sport, spirituality, environment, equal opportunities... were just some of the keywords of the series: All the things that make us human. Meanwhile, the crew got to know some fascinating personalities without whom the spiritual life of Hungarian villages and regions would be empty and poor. Renowned or anonymous heroes who have shaped and inspired communities with goals and values that stand out among the average of the day. Meeting them was heart warming. In our series, we would like to share our memories and enrich our experiences with new encounters in the form of informal conversations and music. The language of the event is Hungarian.

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