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Duna Folk Dance Ensemble: About Hungarian Folk Dance

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10:30 - 12:00
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Duna Folk Dance Ensemble
Göncölt Band
Szilveszter Sikentáncz
Szilveszter Sikentáncz
Zsolt Juhász

Duna Folk Dance Ensemble: About Hungarian Folk Dance

This concrt and lecture is held in Hungarian. The education of children and young people is multi-faceted and learning about the values of folk culture is essential for the development of their abilities, and folk games and folk dance develop movement culture, body awareness, identity and social sensitivity in children. The Danube Art Ensemble will present the dances and dance types of several Carpathian Basin regions (including: verbunkos, the csárdás, jumping dances, karikazó circle dances...). The children will become acquainted with the costumes, typical melodies and instruments of the various ethnographic regions. After the performance, they can even try out for themselves what these dances mean, and what folk dancing is like when you do it.

The language of this family event is Hungarian.


Music in art, art in music


Music has its good friends too. And as friends so often do, they often get together to create wonderful things. In this series, we aim to show how circus, drawing, theatre, poetry and dance are linked to music and vice versa, and how music can help these arts. And following the special performances, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself not only in music, but also in some amazing art forms. We welcome everyone who loves to create and would like to become best friends forever with the arts!

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