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Endre Rozsda 110 - Contemporary music and visual arts

Joint production of the House of Music and the Várfok Gallery on the Day of Hungarian Music
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19:00 - 20:30
Lecture hall
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Zsófia Réman
Zsolt Bartek
Oskar Varga
Ditta Rohmann
János Nevelő
Krisztina Kovács
Máté Balogh
Eine Kleine Stadtmusik
Péter Tornyai
'Je pose ma tête sur le temps...'
Marcell Dargay
Visages Visibles - Visage Invisible
Balázs Horváth
Charleston for Rozsda

Endre Rozsda 110 - Contemporary music and visual arts

Endre Rozsda, the internationally renowned Hungarian representative of abstract surrealism who spent a significant part of his life in Budapest and Paris would have turned 110 this year. In his kaleidoscopic paintings, full of tiny motifs and colour, time and the notion of dreams is always lying in wait. On 30th May, we will commemorate the artist Endre Rozsa with four works by internationally renowned Hungarian composers that were inspired by him, and also celebrate Hungarian Music Day.

During the concert – realized in cooperation with the Várfok Gallery – the paintings which inspired the music will be projected, and also Krisztina Kovács, artistic director of the Várfok Gallery, will discuss the pieces with the composers before their performance. Marcell Dargay takes his inspiration from the late panel paintings Les Copains and Madone: he transforms the common but divergent approaches to face painting into musical contexts in the piece Visages Visibles - Visage Invisible.

Máté Balogh's chamber piece Eine Kleine Stadtmusik is a musical illustration of the oil painting entitled Város (City). Its small-arched phrases are filled with the varied and noisy sound processes typical of cities. The source of inspiration is also in the title of Charleston for Rozsda, in which Balázs Horváth captures the density of the image, its colours and the concrete-abstract dichotomy of recognisable and unrecognisable figures. Finally, in Péter Tornyai's composition "Je pose ma tête sur le temps...", the musical process is created in a manner similar to Rozsda's characteristic perspective-multiplying method of rotating the canvas while painting.

The attendees of the concert can also visit the related installation DOME_LIVE 013 Endre Rozsda: Prince Bluebeard's Castle, with the same ticket, which will take place in the Sound Dome from 6 to 10 PM.


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For the first time, the Hangdóm opens its doors to the public as a venue for an interactive audiovisual installation instead of a projection. Endre Rozsda's painting inspired by Bartók's musical The Bluebearded Prince's Castle will be adapted by Dávid Maruscsák for the screen in the form of an installation.

2023/05/30 18:00
Sound Dome