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Jacob TV (NL) - composer's night

Jacob TV (NL) - composer's night

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20:00 - 21:30
Lecture hall
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House of Music Hungary production

Eszter Agárdi
Máté Bán
Ákos Günsberger
Péter Szűcs
Erzsébet Seleljo

Jacob TV (NL) - composer's night

Jacob TV has been hailed by critics as one of the most thought-provoking provocateurs in music today, and one of the most wildly entertaining composers. His work has the power to make audiences laugh, plunge them into sadness or make them angry – sometimes simultaneously. He doesn't try to appeal to the intellect, but aims straight for the listener’s heart, and his music can reach the depths where miracles are not uncommon. Thanks to the support of the Dutch Embassy, Jacob TV himself will be present at the event and will talk about his plays during the performance.

Jacob TV, or Jacob ter Veldhuis, is a Dutch “avant pop” composer who began his career as a rock musician and then studied composition and electronic music. In relation to his predecessors, he once said that he considered Bob Dylan more important than Schönberg. He is able to bridge the gaps between classical music, jazz, pop and rock with the most unexpected methods, whilst playing freely not only with musical sounds and speech, but often with different visual materials. He’s already been called “music’s Andy Warhol,” and he himself often voices that he likes to “spice up his music with a little sugar”. Nor does he shy away from reflecting on everyday life, the current events around us, be it oppressed social groups, populist politicians or other events that stir up public life.

At his composer’s evening, the audience of the House of Music Hungary can get closer to the musical universe of Jacob TV with a special, suggestive selection of his works for solo instruments and chamber formations.

The language of the concert is english.

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