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KFT Concert

KFT Concert

„Üzenet a liftből / A fodrász” (1983) – album re-playing concert
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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
House of Music Hungary production

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bass, vocals
Miklós II. Lengyelfi
keyboard, vocals
Tibor Bornai
guitar, vocals
András Laár
drums, vocals
András Márton
Ágnes Szász (Vintage Dolls)
Lili Benedek (Vintage Dolls)
singing saw
'Dedy' Gábor Zsoldos

KFT Concert

The key role the KFT band played in Hungarian pop music history is presented as part of the House of Music's first temporary exhibition: They Wrote that Song for Us! One of the most charismatic groups of the eighties, they played the new wave pop music of the era with great skill, clever lyrics and a number of hits. The band became more sophisticated and colourful for its second album in 1983, coming up with the curious concept of giving it two different album titles on two covers. The album Message from the Lift / The Hairdresser deserves to be heard live once more as one of the masterpieces of Hungarian pop history, and an added bonus is that KFT is also offering an exhibition in the lobby of the House.

Sold Out

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7 500 Ft
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There are no seats at the concert

We would like to draw the attention of our dear guests to the fact that there will be no seats at this standing concert.

Thank you for your understanding!