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Koreai Zenei Fesztivál: Park Jiha (KOR)

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18:00 - 19:00
Lecture hall
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Koreai Zenei Fesztivál: Park Jiha (KOR)

The music of composer/performer Park Jiha blends classical minimalism and improvised music with traditional Korean instruments like the Piri (double-reed bamboo flute), Saenghwang (bamboo mouth organ), and Yanggeum (hammered dulcimer). Deftly combining the instrumentation and complex expression of traditional Korean music with an array of contemporary forms and sounds, Park Jiha has staked her place in the international music scene over the last few years starting with her first solo album, 'Communion' (2018, tak:til/ Glitterbeat Records) acclaimed by critics for his eclectic instrumental palette collaborating with musicians from different backgrounds. Pitchfork said of the album, “Jiha’s gift is in her ability to skirt dull prettiness in favor of exploiting the edges of her instruments, yet not at the expense of tangible, straightforward melodies.” With an approach rejecting ornamentation in favor of a stark clarity and meticulous balance she brought an even more personal aesthetic through her 2nd album 'Philos' (2019, tak:til / Glitterbeat) and the recently released 'The Gleam' (2022, tak:til / Glitterbeat) where she took Light and our interference with it throughout the day as inspiration for an immersive sound experience at an emotional level.

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It is a performance program that introduces the various colors of Korean traditional music, which has continued from the beginning of "K-Gugak" to the present, among the Korean Cultural Festival organized as a special plan for 2023. All performances will be held at Magyar Zene Háza. Black String led by Geomungo Empress Heo Yoon-jeong, Nal Project led by Gyeonggi folk song singer Lee Hee-moon, Park Ji-ha, who expresses Korea’s unique sounds such as saenghwang, flute, and yanggeum in contemporary music, from traditional Korean music to modern music techniques It will be a stage where you can feel new possibilities together through the sound of various Korean traditional music.

2023/09/13 - 2023/11/15