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SOLD-OUT - Musician's Café: Gyula Tomhán Band

Musician's Café #8
Sold Out
19:00 - 21:00
Program series
House of Music Hungary production

SOLD-OUT - Musician's Café: Gyula Tomhán Band

Ferenc Gyula Tomhán was born in 1986, the latest member of a renowned multi-generational family of musicians. In 2019, he won first prize at the Anna Ball in Balatonfüred. 'My goal is to promote Hungarian culture and to maintain and cultivate Hungarian Gypsy café music, both in Hungary and abroad.'

Sold Out

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The aim of the series is to draw attention to one of the most important parts of Hungarian heritage, the Roma music of the cafés, which sadly is increasingly neglected nowadays. 

Whether it is the stirring melodies of stringed Roma bands or the moving melodies of bar pianists, music has always permeated the restaurants, pubs and cafés of Hungarian towns. Once a month, the Musicians’ Café series, launched in the café at the House of Music Hungary, takes its audience into the world of visiting musicians. During our café evenings, we bring to life the restaurant atmosphere of the Gyula Krúdy era, celebrities like Pál Jávor and Antal Páger, who partied with the bands, or decadent jazz musicians. The aim of the series is to draw attention to one of our most important Hungarian heritage items: café Roma music, which is sadly being neglected increasingly.

2022/10/26 - 2024/10/15