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Noémo - Heartbeat EP presentation

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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
House of Music Hungary production
vocals, guitar
Noémi Takács
vocals, ziter, guitar
Eszter Tóth
vocals, guitar, mandolin
Márton Fenyvesi
Marcell Gyányi
vocals, percussion
Dániel Ferenc Szabó

Noémo - Heartbeat EP presentation

Noémi Takács, who emerged in 2012 and became increasingly active in the second half of the last decade, last released four new songs with her band 'Noémo' in 2021 (Nem értem még [I don’t understand yet] EP), followed by her new EP in the autumn, which will be premiered at the House of Music Hungary. The singer-songwriter, who is originally from the former Hungarian Highlands in Southern Slovakia, has a sensitive, lyrical tone and her latest Hungarian-language songs are about the essence of human existence. "It's as if I'm standing somewhere in the middle of the timeline, with the past behind me and the future in front of me. For me, song writing takes place in this endless space," says Noémo Takács of her songs. In compositions about love, longing, ageing and even death, Noémo's ethereal voice fills the space, and through her songs she delves into the depths of the soul – with a touch of self-deprecation and humour. Noémo is also the name of her band, whose new album, due in the autumn, was produced, recorded and mixed by guitarist Márton Fenyvesi, who will be a guest at this concert.

Sold Out

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