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Ramazuri - Napfonat

Ramazuri – Music from A to Z, for both children and adults, from concerts to workshops – is a monthly series of events which aims to provide entertainment for the whole family.

This time, the emphasis will be on song itself. The program includes a performance by Napfonat, an all-woman acapella quintet, complemented by two workshops (Téridő Jam and Tündérfátyol Zeneszó). This interactive event seeks to highlight how music can be made out of virtually nothing and how powerful the power of human voice is.



10:00 Ramazuri - Napfonat (Concert Hall)

11:45 Ramazuri - Téridő JAM (Lecture Hall) from age of 6

11:45 Tündérfátyol Zeneszó (Zenepedagógiai terem 1) from age of 3 

According to current regulations, from March 7, 2022, it is no longer obligatory to wear a mask when visiting the House of Music Hungary. Concerts, programs and exhibitions can be attended without a vaccination certificate or card.

Nevertheless we still encourage you to wear a mask during concerts. All current rules are subject to change based on the all-time rules and regulations of the government. We kindly ask you to check all current regulations for your event on our website before your visit in each case.

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