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DOME_LIVE 011 - Hemispheres Berlin-Budapest #1

DOME_LIVE 011 - Hemispheres Berlin-Budapest #1

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21:00 - 23:00
Sound Dome
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DOME_LIVE 011 - Hemispheres Berlin-Budapest #1

Students of the of Sound Studies and Sonic Arts masters programme at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) present works for the Sound Dome in collaboration with the Syndicate of Sound and Space (SSS). Music education is one of the principal missions of the House of Music Hungary and, in addition to the energy it invests in the work of its own music education department, it strives to improve its effectiveness by involving various other educational institutions in that work. The regular lessons provided for Music Academy students in the Sound Dome and the Creative Sound Space are prime examples of this. These have now become an international initiative with the invitation of students from the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts masters programme at the University of Arts in Berlin to create spatial sound works for the building's hemispherical multi-channel system during a ten-day residency programme.

One local partner in the programme is the Syndicate of Sound and Space (SSS), part of Art Quartet Budapest, which is recently renewed. Their 4D Sound software made them one of the pioneers of a new wave of developments in surround sound that began more than a decade ago. SSS is a place with a holistic view where scientific, artistic and spiritual practitioners meet, exploring the nature of being through the constantly evolving entity of sound. Students will prepare their works as part of the curriculum at the University of Berlin (UdK), develop them at the Syndicate of Sound and Space, adapt them for the Sound Dome and present them on 28 March at the end of the programme as part of the DOME_LIVE series. During these sessions, students from the Electroacoustic Department of the Liszt Academy will meet with the Berlin University students, share their experiences and present the pieces they have adapted for the Sound Dome. Berlin has a reputation as a mecca for sound art, with exceptional opportunities for the professionals who study and create there. The flattering fact that Berlin artists are particularly motivated to create works for the Sound Dome system with the support of the UdK suggests that such collaborations could make Budapest a hub on the international sound arts stage. The sonic artworks created by the Liszt Acedmy's alumnis will also be presented along with the ones done by the Berlin-based students on 28 March as part of the DOME_LIVE 011 event.

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In the underground levels of the House of Music Hungary lies the Sound Dome. This is where the program begins, with a short film providing an unusual acoustic and visual experience, after which the visitors are shown an increasing number of similar films.

2022/04/06 - 2023/05/30