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Thea Soti (HU/SRB)

Thea Soti (HU/SRB)

ØVER+ Album release
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20:00 - 21:30
Lecture hall
House of Music Hungary production

Thea Soti (HU/SRB)

Thea Soti is an ethnic Hungarian born in Subotica who currently splits most of her time between Paris and Berlin. A multidisciplinary artist, her works lie at the intersection between experimental vocals, live electronics, installation, text and multimedia. She is interested in digitally manipulated recording, the various incompatibilities between the human voice and poetry, constantly distorting and transforming her own voice beyond recognition. Her concert at the House of Music Hungary will launch her latest album, released this summer on the Parisian Planisphère label, and you will be able to hear and see her work ØVER+.

Thea Soti's pieces generally extend beyond auditory experience and boldly experiment with a variety of spaces and movements, creating dynamic fields. These often reflect on current socio-political issues, such as modern idealism, non-binary identity, beauty, myths and collective fear. She has worked and toured in New York, Paris, Copenhagen, London, Budapest, Belgrade, Moscow, Marrakesh and Tokyo, and has been an invited guest artist at Sonoscopia Porto, JAZZAJ, the Balassi Institute in Brussels, IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, the Tarabya Cultural Academy in Istanbul and the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris. In summer 2022, her latest solo album will be published by the experimental Parisian label Planisphère. The album ØVER+ explores the boundaries of memory, gender, language and social belonging by exploring virtual and posthuman identities through manipulated sound. Recently, Soti has been increasingly active on the Hungarian experimental scene, with several releases on the EXILES label over the last few years, and a collaboration for an MTV Hungary special show with the techno duo .FOR.

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