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Hrutka Róbert - Grecsó Krisztián: Doors

Hrutka Róbert - Grecsó Krisztián: Doors

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17:30 - 19:00
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Hrutka Róbert - Grecsó Krisztián: Doors

The first guest and host of the City Gate series presenting the musical life of Hungarian cities is the House of Music Hungary: Debrecen. On this evening, the musical-literary choir will be included in the program, written by Krisztián Grecsó, Róbert Hrutka and Mátyás Ölveti, and the Lautitia Choir Family.


The composers of the evening

Róbert Hrutka: composer, music director

Krisztián Grecsó: writer, lyricist

Mátyás Ölveti: arranger

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1 000 Ft
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