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Trio in Uno (BRA)

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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
Pablo Schinke
7-string guitar
José Ferreira
Giulia Tamanini

Trio in Uno (BRA)

Trio in Uno was born in 2014, flowering from the friendship between Brazilian Diego Cardoso (cello) and José Ferreira (7-string guitar) and Italian Giulia Tamanini (saxophone). In their instrumental songs and performances, they combine a light music approach and spontaneity with the expressiveness of classical music, orchestrating and interpreting the music of great Brazilian composers such as Egberto Gismonti, Sergio Assad, Hermeto Pascoal, Marco Pereira and Radamés Gnattali. Brazilian music with roots in modern chamber music can be expected during this evening, but with a pop and jazz touch.

Their first album Lilas was released in July 2015. The opus was enthusiastically received by audiences and critics alike, and their latest album Ipê, released in May 2019, is a tribute to contemporary Brazilian music. In addition to the enthusiastic press reception, they have been invited to appear on numerous radio and television programmes, including RFI (Radio France Internationale, France), Super Radio Brasilia (Brazil), FM Cultura (Brazil), TV Globo (Brazil). In 2017, the project was extended to a large orchestra line-up, with concerts with the Ulbra Chamber Orchestra (Porto Alegre), the Goiania Symphony Orchestra and the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra (OSPA). They have collaborated with renowned artists such as Vincent Segal, Yamandu Costa, Gabriel Grossi, Nicolas Krassik, Marcos Sacramento, Zé Luis Nascimento, Sergio Assad, Marco Pereira, Paulo Bellinati, Cristima Azuma, Daniel Murray. In addition to performing, Trio in Uno also organises workshops and masterclasses.

Sold Out

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