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Veronaki Band: Fairy Spin

Veronaki Band: Fairy Spin

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10:30 - 11:45
Concert hall
Family events
Special programs
House of Music Hungary production
Veronika Tarján
Kornél Mogyoró
traditional wind instruments
Balázs 'Dongó' Szokolay
guitar, bouzouki
Miklós Szula
Mihály Gotthard
Attila Herr
Choir of Aladár Tóth Music School

Veronaki Band: Fairy Spin

The Fonogram Award-winning Veronaki band presents another exciting album. This audacious musical wonder is inspired by poems from a truly extraordinary book: Tündérforgó [Fairy Whirlpool] published in 1999. It was written by the József Attila Prize-winning poet and writer Katalin Varga, who is known throughout the country for her famous children's and young adult books, which include Gedeon Gúnár Gőgös [Gedeon the Snooty Goose], Mosó Masa mosodája (Wishy Washy’s Laundry), Én, Te, Ő (Me, You, They). Unfortunately, only a few copies of this book remain in existence, but the author's granddaughter, Veronika Tarján has one signed volume. In the year of its publication, almost every copy of the book was destroyed by fire at the Christmas fair in the Budapest Sports Hall. The songs on the Fairy Whirpool album are poems about fairy tales, legends and beliefs from all over the world.

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