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'We set off at dawn...' The stories of Ferenc Sebő

Curatorial weekend - Ferenc Sebő
Sold Out
19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
Program series
House of Music Hungary production

Levente Székely
viola, kontra
László Mester
double bass
András Lelkes
András Németh
Balázs Istvánfi
vocals, guitar
Ferenc Sebő
tarogato, caval, tambura cello
Iván Barvich
Bulgarian tambura
László Perger
Réka Soós
Sára Tímár

'We set off at dawn...' The stories of Ferenc Sebő

On the first weekend of October, the House of Music Hungary will welcome Ferenc Sebő, who turns 75 this year, with two special curatorial weekends of concerts. At our Sunday concert, we will accompany Sebő on his collecting trips to the beginnings of the folk ‘dance house’ movement. Ferenc Sebő will recount anecdotes from his journeys, the joys and difficulties of collecting folk music.

Sold Out

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3 500 Ft
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