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Bourbon Ensemble - Baroque Christmas

Tell me, Daphne! - The world of forest beings through the works of Purcell, Vivaldi and Couperin
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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
House of Music Hungary production
artistic direction, recorders, oboe
Manuela Maria Mitterer (AT)
baroque violin
Robin Peter Müller (D)
viola da gamba
Amarilis Dueñas (E)
Fernando Olivas
Magdalena Hasibeder (AT)
Henry Purcell
Symphony while the swans come forward
Francois Couperin
Le rossignol en amour
Jacob van Eyck
Doen Daphne d'over schoone Maeght
Gill Farnaby
Tell me Daphne
Antonio Vivaldi
Il gardellino
Jean de Cambefort & Jean-Baptiste Boësset
from the Ballet Royale de la Nuict: Ouverture & Entrées
Henry Purcell
Music for a while, Dance for the Fairies, Dance for the followers of the night, Hornpipe
Francois Couperin
L’apotheose de Corelli

Bourbon Ensemble - Baroque Christmas

The show Tell me, Daphne is based on the concept of baroque masks: the various melodies and themes create an ambience that will transport its audience into a new musical world. The BOURBON ensemble guides concertgoers to the mythological sites of the Baroque. Daphne, the nymph who had to transform herself into a laurel tree to escape Apollo, is the principal inspiration for many Baroque compositions. Just like music from Farnaby or van Eyck, the programme for this concert paints a musical forest around the nymph. Alongside Daphne, Antonio Vivaldi's nightingale sings exquisitely, Purcell's swans swim elegantly by, and Boësset's Night Symphony surrounds it all. The trio sonata L'apotheose de Corelli, composed by Francois Couperin, takes us to Mount Parnasse, home of the god of music and the arts, Apollo.

BOURBON combines genius, virtuosity and knowledge. All three pillars are combined in every soloist who forms part of this youthful ensemble. The artistic director, Manuela Maria Mitterer, pushes the boundaries in creating the right sound and shows that focus on current affairs, whilst also paying close attention to musical and historical grounding. BOURBON's character lies in its versatility and deep commitment. In 2019, the ensemble made its debut at the Dresdner Musikfestspiele.

Photo credit: Robin Müller

Sold Out

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