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Rutkai Bori Band: Crazy Carneval

Rutkai Bori Band: Crazy Carneval

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10:30 - 11:30
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Rutkai Bori Band: Crazy Carneval

Elftown circle dances and the 'tssk-tssk' beat of the Rice ’n Peas Disco beckon, and in the Space Vault, they are not just space-boogalooing, but rather space-boogie-woogalooing, and literally tapping on the magical aliens. But how did we get this far out and up? The music and the orchestra are transported on a dragon wagon, a winged bijou-bikeling, on the back of a whirlwind snailshack and Astro Lou’s rocket. Bori's crocheted puppets and painted cinema screen-size canvases will add colour to this concert, evoking her Lemon Circus company or the glittering ballrooms of the Storybook Castle.

And what costumes should the audience wear? In masquerades of their own making, of course! The ticket price includes the entrance fee for the concert and the fee for the optional session following the concert.

Tickets must be purchased for children over 3 years of age.

The language of this family event is Hungarian.

Recommended ages: 3 to 12 years

Season ticket price HUF 7200 (4 concerts + 4 activities), ticket price HUF 2400 (1 concert + 1 activity)

The ticket price includes the entrance fee for the concert and the fee for the optional activity that follows it.

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2 400 Ft
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