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SOLD-OUT - North Star: Edvard Grieg's fabulous melodies

Music history and afternoon tea for the older group
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15:00 - 16:00
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Dóra Tápai

SOLD-OUT - North Star: Edvard Grieg's fabulous melodies

This afternoon, we're back in the Romantic era, with a look at the life and works of Scandinavia's famous composer Edvard Grieg. Also known as the 'Star of the North', his melodies are popular and well-known, although many people don't know who wrote them! He has had an interesting and eventful life, so let's take a closer look! Edvard Grieg, the pianist and composer known as the 'star of Norwegian music', had an unconventional musical career. After an unsteady start, he won the friendship and appreciation of Henrik Ibsen and Franz Liszt. He travelled throughout Europe and was never unfaithful to 'the spirit of Norway', as he put it. His works are much loved, his Piano Concerto in A minor is among the 10 most popular in the world, and every movement of his Peer Gynt Suite is a classical music hit. In today's club afternoon, we'll learn some poignant stories about Grieg, spiced up with beautiful melodies! Literature, history and music. All of this can be enjoyed together in this interactive lecture, with music-making and quizzes throughout the session to help you get to grips with the subject.

The lecture will be given by Dóra Tápai, choirmaster, secondary school teacher and music teacher at the House of Music Hungary.

The lecture will be held in Hungarian.

Sold Out

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Our series Hangadó Senior is especially aimed at older participants, but of course we welcome anyone who is interested. The aim of the series is to act as a club and to playfully tell a chapter of music history in an hour-long interactive journey through time. 

Language: Hungarian

2022/10/14 - 2024/06/14