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SOLD-OUT - Who spoke seven languages: interesting facts and stories about Zoltán Kodály

Music history and afternoon tea for the older group
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15:00 - 16:00
Multimedia Library & Club
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House of Music Hungary production

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Dóra Tápai

SOLD-OUT - Who spoke seven languages: interesting facts and stories about Zoltán Kodály

Kodály Zoltán is a man worth knowing about. But what do we know about him? What we probably learned in our school years: he was a music teacher and a composer, a linguist and an ethnomusicologist. On 16 December 2022, we celebrate his 140th birthday, and reading his thoughts makes us realise that they are still relevant today! Kodály's role in society is almost as important as his career as a composer. Anyone who dared to oppose the dictator Rákosi and survived it certainly deserves attention. Why was he so revered? How did he come to have such an impact on people?

He was a great intellect with vast knowledge, culture and interesting hobbies. He was famously well read, and his library was legendary. Today we look behind the scenes and focus on Zoltán Kodály as a man and a talent. Many interesting facts about him will be revealed, shedding new light on him and his legacy. This is the ninth time we meet, and perhaps most intriguingly we will sing together, since, according to Kodály, that is the essence of the motto "Let music belong to all! We can spend a pleasant Friday afternoon together, listening to music, doing quizzes, and sharing many anecdotes.

The lecture will be given by Dóra Tápai, conductor, secondary school teacher and music teacher at the  House of Music Hungary.

Language: hungarian

Sold Out

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Our series Hangadó Senior is especially aimed at older participants, but of course we welcome anyone who is interested. The aim of the series is to act as a club and to playfully tell a chapter of music history in an hour-long interactive journey through time. 

Language: Hungarian

2022/10/14 - 2024/06/14

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