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Ákos Győrffy and Vajk Kobza

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20:00 - 21:30
Lecture hall
synthesis of the arts
House of Music Hungary production

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Ákos Győrffy
ud, lyra, koboz
Vajk Kobza

Ákos Győrffy and Vajk Kobza

Ákos Győrffy, Attila József Award-winning writer, poet and one of the founders of the Bajdázó band, whose own band, horhos, plays ambient music mixed with ambient noise, either as a solo performance, or as a two- or three-member group. For two decades, Vajk Kobza has been playing largely unfamiliar instruments of medieval and Persian origin such as the Ud (Arab lute), baglama, psaltery, kithara and coboz. The two performers are united in their search for reality, finding, grasping and then letting go of the silence behind the noise of everyday life. They see music and art as universal. On this joint spiritual and musical journey entitled Gazlo, they will connect to the source of their inner world and seek to evoke the inherent in all that is. This is their first performance together.

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