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SOLD-OUT - Blue or sad? Classical or jazz? Gershwin!

Music history and afternoon tea for the older group
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15:00 - 16:15
Multimedia Library & Club
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House of Music Hungary production

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Dóra Tápai

SOLD-OUT - Blue or sad? Classical or jazz? Gershwin!

Our Hangadó Senior series is aimed at all ages, and is designed to act as a club, playfully narrating a chapter of music history through an hour-long interactive journey through time. The target audience is seniors, but of course everyone is welcome. This afternoon will take us to America after the turn of the century, especially the 1920s, when jazz music was making its way around the world. George Gershwin's ambition was nothing less than to bring jazz music from the clubs to the classical concert stage! How did he achieve this? Let's follow it together!

In the early 1920s, African-American music was making its way around the world! After New Orleans and New York, it conquered Europe and slowly made its way into classical music. A white, Jewish and self-taught musician did most of this: George Gershwin. The music he created combined the classical and modern worlds, and he was enormously popular and successful, but he had to fight for recognition on both sides! His most famous work, the Blue Rhapsody, is a piano concerto in the classical sense, but it is jazz to the core! Strangely, the title was mistranslated into Hungarian! Blue or sad? The answer to that question will be given in the last performance of the Hangadó Senior, as we bid farewell to our hard-working and enthusiastic audience for the summer break. At the end of the interactive session, we will conclude with a musical quiz!

The lecture will be given by Dóra Tápai, choirmaster, secondary school teacher and music educator of the House of Music Hungary.

The lecture will be held in Hungarian.

Sold Out

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Our series Hangadó Senior is especially aimed at older participants, but of course we welcome anyone who is interested. The aim of the series is to act as a club and to playfully tell a chapter of music history in an hour-long interactive journey through time. 

Language: Hungarian

2022/10/14 - 2024/06/14