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SOLD-OUT - The Qualitons Album Release I Giliszta

Sold Out
19:30 - 21:30
Concert hall
House of Music Hungary production
guitar, vocals
Barna Szőke
drums, vocals
Levente Boros
bass, vocals
Ernő Hock
keyboard, vocals
Ádám Menyhei
keyboard, guitar, percussion, vocals
András Weil
keyboard, guitar, vocals
Ábel Holló Kő
guitar, trombone, vocals
Ferenc Vértesi
bass guitar, vocals
Dávid Fodor
levente Korossy-Khayll

SOLD-OUT - The Qualitons Album Release I Giliszta

The Qualitons, one of the most internationally acclaimed bands of recent years, announced their disbandment in the spring of 2022, at the peak of their career. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Some members of the group, which had been a creative community, came together in the rehearsal room once more, with no expectations and just for the sheer joy of making music. And the Qualitons were reborn! In its current line-up (Levente Boros, Ernő Hock, Ádám Menyhei, Barna Szőke, András Weil), a new chapter in the history of the band is opening. The Qualitons are the first Hungarian band to have been invited to one of America's hottest new music discovery radio stations, the iconic KEXP studio. They have toured half the world, from Germany to Spain and France. They were regulars at various showcase festivals and were invited to the SXSW festival in Texas, where they won the JanSport competition. It's a great pleasure that they are about to release a major new album, which will be heard for the first time live at the House of Music.

These are the session videos for two brand new songs:

Sold Out

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