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Tokos - Fokos - Pósfa: Completely Unexpected Situations in Folk Music

Limitless Hungarian Traditional Music from Transylvania, Slovakia and Serbia
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19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
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House of Music Hungary production

fiddle, lead fiddle, vocals
Csongor Attila „Cuba” Tókos
fiddle, prim tamburica, vocals
Albert Vajas
viola, kontra, vocals
Gyula Bálint Szép
cimbalom, viola, kontra, vocals
Zsombor Bálint
accordion, brač tamburica, vocals
Elek Gergely
contrabass, vocals
Kristóf Zsigmond Szakács
Róbert Czutor
contrabass, percussion
Péter Jovánovity
Ákos Keszég
Tamás Ölveczky
fiddle, flute, basprim tamburica
András Szabó
Ákos Szerda
viola, koboz, bugarija
Balázs Szerda
fiddle, primas
Péter Iván
viola, vocals
András Iván
clarinet, tárogató, vocals
Zoltán Iván
István Álló
vocals, guest performer
Júlia Szabó
fiddle, guest performer
Ádám Takács
cimbalom, guest performer
Sándor Kuti
István Berecz

Tokos - Fokos - Pósfa: Completely Unexpected Situations in Folk Music

Colleagues, now, who will play and on what? It’s a good question, and at this concert the answer is far from certain! Highland (Pósfa), Transylvanian (Tokos), Vojvodinan (Fokos) – are three hard-working bands, each masters of their own genre, renowned and emblematic groups in their own regions. But how will they get along together on one stage? A border-crossing game of cross-border bands develops on stage at the House of Music Hungary, with a lot of humour and very few points of certainty, apart from the common language of Hungarian folk music that is. Anything can happen during this magical game of musical chairs: the cimbalom player from Vojvodina is forced to play the violin and the Transylvanian contras accompany him on the cimbalom; improvised musical blocks, melodies that match, marvellous musical moves played in a randomly mixed musical line-up. An interactive concert? For the musicians concerned it certainly is! Apart from Tokos, Fokos and Pósfa, there is one more figure playing on stage: serendipity... and the game master… István Berecz

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