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Cat City - Budapest Orchestra Project feat. Jazzation

Cinema & Concert
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17:00 - 18:45
Concert hall
House of Music Hungary production
Budapest Orchestra Project
artistic director, conductor
Ábel Tompa
Katus Várallyay
Sára Bolyki
Gina Kanizsa
Barnabás Bolyki
Máté Homor

Cat City - Budapest Orchestra Project feat. Jazzation

Live music screening of the legendary 1986 film Cat City, performed by the Budapest Orchestra Project and Jazzation acappella ensemble in memory of Tamás Deák, composer of the film's music, who recently passed away. While live music screenings are common for Hollywood blockbusters, there are not so very common here in Hungary, and a film made before the digital age presents a professional challenge. In this case, however, the Budapest Orchestra Project and Jazzation are up to that challenge, working from Tamás Deák's original scores for the Deák Big Band to faithfully recreate the soundtrack. A classic animated film with great music and some emblematic songs – a must-see matinee for the whole family!

The 96th anniversary of the birth of the composer-conductor Tamás Deák, who recently passed away, will be on 27 April 2024: the Budapest Orchestra Project and Jazzation's joint performance of Cat City aims to draw attention to the work of one of the giants of Hungarian animation. The concert, which includes a live performance of the complete soundtrack of the film along with the original film, is a fitting tribute to Tamás Deák. Cat City is one of the highlights of his vast and rich oeuvre, which also includes such emblematic cartoon scores as Doctor Bubó and the Mézga Family , and its concert hall revival is a moment in film, music and jazz history. The cartoon, which is regularly quoted across several generations, is in itself a musical masterpiece, so Ábel Tompa and Katus Várallyay knew that their ensemble's greatest wish would be to recreate the soundtrack for the projection live.

The Budapest Orchestra Project big band will be conducted by Ábel Tompa, and the songs will be performed by Jazzation, Hungary's premier jazz acappella ensemble.

The film was produced by the National Film Institute Nonprofit Ltd.

Producer: Katus Várallyay; Musical director: Ábel Tompa; Technical staff: Bence Bobák, István Rácz; Production consultant: András Deák.

Sold Out

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