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Sumeet Anand’s Dhrupad Concert (IND)

Ancient Indian Classical Music Dhrupad Vocals of Gauhar Vani
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19:00 - 20:30
Concert hall
House of Music Hungary production
Dr. Sumeet Anand
Anikó Novák
Balázs Virágh
Tóth Szabolcs

Sumeet Anand’s Dhrupad Concert (IND)

Dr. Sumeet Anand Pandey, Balázs Virágh and Anikó Novák will perform songs from the Gauhār Vāni lineage of the Dhrupad tradition in a concert of ancient Indian classical music. Characterised by its calm, quiet nature, majestic musical gait, and its richness of melody, rhythm and lyricism, this performance aims to create a sense of peace and tranquillity, avoiding exhibitionism but not detaching itself from depth and virtuosity. The concert will begin with a brief introduction in English, with the sitarist Szabolcs Tóth in conversation with the performers.
The Masters of Indian Classical Music series, edited by Szabolcs Tóth and András Halmos, which ran at Trafo for many years, continues in the House of Music. This performance is the second piece in the series here. 

Dhrupad is the oldest surviving genre of classical music in northern India, believed to stem from the ancient tradition of Vedic chanting. It is also considered the source of a now-lost tradition, Salagsuda prabandha. According to documentation, dhrupad developed in the 15th century and flourished over the next 3-4 centuries until the emergence and popularity of the newer chanting style, Khayan. It was originally performed in churches and later in royal courts, while today it can be heard at public concerts. 

Structure of the concert 
The performance begins with the slow, systematic unfolding of the melodic frame and skeleton of the music chosen for the occasion, without pulsation, then in pulsation. The vocals above the base hum of the four strings of the long-necked plucked lute (tanpura) are saturated with shape, colour and content by vowels from the Sanskrit chant "Hari Om Anant Narayan". The final part of the concert will feature compositions mainly in Sanskrit and Braj Bhasha.Although most of them are spiritual and religious, many of them are about universal human values, philosophy of life, nature and yoga. The evening culminates in improvisation, during which the artists engage in spontaneous musical conversations, moving away from the fixed structure of the composition, with melodic, rhythmic and emotional improvisations; staying within the boundaries of the melodic frame and rhythm system. A characteristic feature of Indian classical music and the Darbhanga tradition is tihai, the repetition of a unit three times that arrives at the starting point of the rhythm cycle; enhancing, carrying increasing dynamics, evoking attention and expectation; signaling the end of the music and concert. The Darbhanga, or Mallick tradition, is one of the main Dhrupad traditions in India, founded by a pair of brothers from the 17th century. 

Performance: 90 minutes with break. 
Recommended age: over 16 

Dr. Sumeet Anand Pandey 
Dr. Sumeet Anand Pandey is the 10th generation Dhrupad singer of the Darbhanga tradition with 25 years of training experience and 15 years of teaching and performing arts. He is versatile, progressive, active traditionalist. Both of his grandfathers helped his training, and then he studied as a student of Pandit Abhay Narayan Mallick. His dedication and research are supported by awards and scholarships. He gives lectures and concerts in India, the USA and European countries. He teaches worldwide and is a demonstrator and artist of the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture to Young People.  He is co-founder and curator of the Pandit Siyaram Tiwari Memorial Sangeet Trust. His album is: Morning meditation. 

Balázs Virágh 
Balázs Virágh is an internationally recognized artist of Indian classical music, specifically the North Indian pakhawaj percussion instrument. His studies go back more than a decade. His teacher is Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma, one of India's foremost and most respected artists. He is a regular performer on international stages, and has also presented the unique art of the instrument in solo performances in India, Europe and Hungary. He released Hungary’s first Indian classical music rhythmic-solo album, "Mridang Vadan", while on other albums he appeared as accompaniment. He is an experienced soloist and accompanist, participating in Hungarian and foreign dance performances and fusion projects. With a scholarship from the Indian state, he studied for a year at Sangeet Natak Akademi Kathak Kendra, where he obtained an excellent qualification under Master Shri Shashikant Pathak. 

Anikó Novák 
Anikó Novák has been studying music since childhood, she studied music theory under the guidance of Erzsébet Legányné Hegyi. After graduating as an orientalist, music and philosophy of religion, she pursues music pedagogy, ethnomusicology and performance as a teacher at art schools, as a lecturer at festivals and professional events, as well as a musician-performer at music promotion and public education events. Her albums with the Gandharvas Orchestra (as composer and conductor) are: Uplifting Classical I-II., MAGIC. 25 years ago, he launched the Music Experience program, which draws attention to experiences through sound and music, recreational and self-knowledge opportunities. She is a student of Dr. Sumeet Anand Pandey. 

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