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SOLD-OUT - Tradition and Improvised Music #2 - Alpamis and Manas Epics from Central Asia

Kenzhebek Aldajaar (Kyrgyzstan), Bajkochkar Baxshi Ahmedov (Southern Uzbekistan) and Turan Road Music (Béla Ágoston, Balázs Pándi, Ernő Zoltán Rubik, Géza Fábri)
Sold Out
19:30 - 21:00
Lecture hall

House of Music Hungary production

vocals, komuz
Kenzhebek Aldajaar
vocals, dombra
Baykochkar Bakshi Ahmedov
vocals, reeds
Béla Ágoston
drums, percussion
Balázs Pándi
Ernő Zoltán Rubik
koboz, vocals
Géza Fábri

SOLD-OUT - Tradition and Improvised Music #2 - Alpamis and Manas Epics from Central Asia

The concert will feature Kenjebek Aldajaar, who is Kyrgyz, and Baykochkar Bakhxi Ahmedov of the Kongrat tribe (Southern Uzbekistan), who will tell old and new epic tales to komuz and dombra instrumental accompaniment, to which the Hungarian experimental musicians of Turan Road MusicBéla Ágoston – wind instruments, Balázs Pándi – percussion, Ernő Zoltán Rubik – keyboards, and Géza Fábri – cobza – will join in with their own musical, instrumental approach. The trance state achieved by making music together provides an opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional epic storytelling, and to create new spiritual music.

The concert will be preceded by a presentation by István Sántha and Dávid Somfai Kara, about researching the epic in Inner Asia, the homeland of Kenjebek and Baykochkar. Kenjebek Aldajaar is a completely unique figure in contemporary Kyrgyz Komuz art. He writes his own songs, thinks in epics, builds an instrument, and strives to expand the boundaries of that instrument. In fact, he has rewritten the Kyrgyz mythology in its entirety. And meanwhile, he has become a highly talented and innovative musician. Among other things, Kenzhebek's programme includes setting contemporary Kyrgyz poetry to music. He is able to summon the psychedelic magic of Pink Floyd with music created by one person.

 The programme will include the opportunity to set to music a shorter excerpt from the epic of Manas verse, collected by György Almásy in 1906 (Manas is currently the longest known epic on Earth). Baykochkor Bakhxi Ahmedov comes from one of the least known regions of the world, Kaska-dar, where the tradition of epic storytelling and music-making is still alive and well in the everyday life of the Kongrat and other tribes of southern Uzbekistan (weddings, cloak-and-dagger polo). In their homeland along the Afghan border. The Baksis accompany the epics with a dombra, and they narrate to the audience in their own particular toroken, helping to process national tragedies by evoking the actions of the heroes. One famous epic in the Far East is the Alpamys, which István Sántha had the privilege of listening to at length in 2021 whilst on a research trip in their circle: "one day, one of the most famous Baksi, who unfortunately can no longer be in our circle, sang for eight hours." Baykochkar bakshi has a fantastic voice, singing in his own distinctive throat singing style, which he leads and accompanies with very fine instrumental playing. Dombra's playing and singing add special colour to this unique epic storytelling culture. He still lives a traditional lifestyle with his family. The sound of the Baksi's singing voice and the sound of the dombra are integral parts of the soundscape of weddings and equine competitions (the Kun köböre, the Ulak of southern Uzbekistan). These celebrations are very popular with the local people, with spectators coming from far and wide to watch a famous event. The concert will also include a rendition of The Wonder Stag in the style of a Kongrat epic, performed by Baykochkar bakshi Ahmedob. It is based on the translation that Ármin Vámbéry brought to Hungary from the land of the Kongrat as a gift for János Arany's birthday in 1863 by his fellow researcher Iszák molla. Alongside traditional epic music, this concert will also further unravel the experimental music thread, featuring the occasional Turan Road Music Company.

Sold Out

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