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Federica Michisanti Quartet (IT/FR) I Marc Ducret and Daniele Roccato duo (IT/FR)

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19:30 - 22:00
Concert hall
Federica Michisanti Quartet:
double bass
Federica Michisanti
Louis Sclavis
Salvatore Maiore
Michele Rabbia
Marc Ducret and Daniele Roccato duo:
Marc Ducret
double bass
Daniele Roccato

Federica Michisanti Quartet (IT/FR) I Marc Ducret and Daniele Roccato duo (IT/FR)

It’s just one evening, but two fresh Italian-French contemporary jazz bands will play at the House of Music Hungary! One of them, the Federica Michisanti Quartet, released their latest album in September 2023; the other, the Marc Ducret - Daniele Roccato Duo, have only recently come together. Get to know both these exciting, relevant, and current European jazz scene formations up close and personal – and at the same time – despite their being joined by some legendary musicians who are very familiar to us, such as Marc Ducret, Louis Sclavis and Michele Rabbia.

The new quartet of multi-award-winning double bassist and composer Federica Michisanti is a formation with clarinet, cello and drums. The clarinets feature Louis Sclavis, an extraordinary and virtuoso musician and important composer who has been collaborating with Federica on her projects for some years. Two other extraordinary musicians round off the line-up: Salvatore Maiore on cello and Michele Rabbia on drums. The quartet will perform compositions by Michisanti, which draw on European music and the avant-garde branch of jazz, while leaving plenty of room for improvisation. The group's first album (Federica Michisanti's fifth album in total) was released in September 2023, titled Afternoons.

The duo of French guitarist Marc Ducret and Italian double bassist Daniele Roccato is a meeting of two great musicians. They both have the same poetic need, which starts from a complete exploration of the playing of their instrument and free improvisation. The dialogue between Ducret's guitar and Roccato's double bass creates an interplay completely free of constraints and structures. Double bassist and composer Daniele Roccato is very active both solo and collaborating with others. Self-taught Marc Ducret's playing style is steeped in rock, bebop and virtuosity.


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