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Miniatures – Concert by Students of the Bartók Music School

New music and improvisation
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19:30 - 20:30
Concert hall
Program series

students of the Bartók Music School's classical and jazz departments
music historian, moderator
Szabolcs Molnár
József Sári
The Mill of Time (excerpts)
Zoltán Jeney
pontpoint (excerpts)
Free improvisation by jazz students

Miniatures – Concert by Students of the Bartók Music School

Bartók Konzi – New Music is running for its eleventh year at the Bartók Conservatory, the training school of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. As an extracurricular element, the programme aims to broaden the musical horizons of student musicians and prepare them to interpret contemporary music. The organisers are keen to involve as many students as possible in the various events, which will then be presented in a spring project day. The young musicians spend months preparing for the events, which are usually loosely based around a theme.

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