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Samodai-Szives Duo - Story beyond the tale

Perpetual performance through painting and music
10:30 - 11:30
Open-air stage
Family events
synthesis of the arts
House of Music Hungary production

János Bence SAMODI
percussion instruments
Gábor Mátron SZIVES
graphic, presenter
Matild Katalin NAGY

Samodai-Szives Duo - Story beyond the tale

An immersive session in which we paint the music together with the audience. Performances by the Samodai-Szives Duo and Katalin Matild Nagy bring the heroes of fairy tales to life in music and pictures. They are a simultaneous connection between the concert and painting, and between musical instruments and the brush. The performances also invite the audience to become an active part of the production, because, in the hands of this duo, the characters in the fairy tales gain a new form and colour from the brush of both contemporary musical works and the children taking part. Pay attention to the music! The lines and colours move in unison with the sounds. In fact, if we are already in motion, why can’t we be the forest, the river, or even the heroes themselves? An interactive concert experience for children and adults, where the experience of music is combined with the joy of shared creative activity.


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