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Cimbalom Salon: Luca Hegedűs and Paulína Škodová (SVK)

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19:00 - 20:30
Lecture hall
Program series
House of Music Hungary production

Luca Hegedűs
Paľa Škodová

Cimbalom Salon: Luca Hegedűs and Paulína Škodová (SVK)

Each instalment of our Cimbalom Salon series, launched in the summer of 2022, brings two illustrious masters of the instrument to the stage for a joint concert. Playing together for the first time on this occasion will be Luca Hegedűs, familiar from her role in numerous line-ups, and Slovakia’s Pal’a Škodová.

This first joint performance by the Hungarian Hegedűs and the Slovak Škodová will bring together two musicians who, while completely different, are nevertheless connected in several respects.

Formally trained with a classical music education, Škodová is also a prominent champion of Slovak folk music. In addition to pieces from the classical repertoire, the concert will also include compositions inspired by Hungarian and Slovak folk music. Spicing things up will be a look at Romanian cimbalom music as well. The two have compiled the programme in a way that demonstrates the colours and versatility of the instrument.

Hegedűs’ musical career began in childhood. She began her classical music studies on the cello at the Pál M. Bodon Music School in Kecskemét at the age of four. Through her parents, Hungarian folk music and folk dance became an integral part of her life. These passions later led her to take up the viola and, eventually, the cimbalom. The latter immediately gained her affection and, before too long, demanded all of her attention. Three years later, she was accepted into the folk cimbalom course at the Liszt Academy to study under Kálmán Balogh.

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