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SOLD-OUT - Masses from the Andes: New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir, Los Andinos, Szilveszter Szélpál, Ádám Kiss B.

A Concert with Two Masses and Traditional Christmas Music from the Andean Region
Sold Out
19:30 - 21:00
Concert hall
House of Music Hungary production

New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir
Zoltán Kocsis-Holper
Szilveszter Szélpál
Ádám Kiss-Balbinat
violin, cascabel, redoblante
Benedek Kossa
quena, zampoña, flauta
László Kovács
bombo, wankara
Ákos Juan Tárnok
quena, rondador, zampoña, bocina, pingullo, flauta
Tibor Lendvai
guitar, bandolin
Zsolt Makai
quena, zampoña, violin, flauta, pingullo
Árpád Horváth
bandolin, guitar
Lajos Kiss
charango, bandolin, guitar, quena, flauta, pingullo
Ákos Tárnok
Dezső Oláh
Marcell Gyányi

SOLD-OUT - Masses from the Andes: New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir, Los Andinos, Szilveszter Szélpál, Ádám Kiss B.

On the third Sunday of Advent, the House of Hungarian Music will be hosting the traditional Christmas music of South America, and of the Andean peoples in particular. Two masses – Ariel Ramírez: Missa Criolla and the Ecuadorian Creole Mass by Ecuadorian folk music researcher and composer Mario Godoy Aguirre, premiered in Hungary, will be performed by a multi-instrumental cast of musicians and singers, the New Liszt Ferenc Chamber ChoirLos Andinos, and singers Szilveszter Szélpál and Ádám B. Kiss. Between the two works, Los Andinos will play Christmas melodies from the Andes.


Track 1
Ariel Ramírez: Misa Criolla
The first programme of the evening will be Ariel Ramírez's Misa Criolla. Ariel Ramírez was born in Santa Fe, north of Buenos Aires by the Rio Paraná River, and began teaching at the age of 19 in a rural mountain town. There he became fascinated by the music of Indians, Gauchos and Creoles, which has been the inspiration for most of his music ever since. In the early 1950s, he formally studied folk traditions at the Vienna Academy and the Institute of Spanish Culture in Madrid. When Ramírez returned to Argentina, he began collecting Andean folk songs, many of which he later released and recorded. He composed more than 400 songs in folk style, some of which were recorded by artists such as tenors Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and José Cura. In 1963, after Vatican Council II authorized vernacular Mass adaptations, Ramírez created his widely popular Missa Criolla to translate the traditional liturgical text into Spanish. Each part of the compact mass is based on specific folk material, especially dance rhythms: Kyrie was composed in the strict vidala-baguala of northern Argentina, Gloria by carnavalito and yaraví from the same place, Credo by the obsessive chacerera trunca in central Argentina, Sanctus by the syncopated Bolivian cochabambino, and Agnus Dei by the southern pampas style.

Track 2
Christmas tunes from the Andes performed by Los Andinos

Track 3
Ecuadorian ethnomusicologist and composer Mario Godoy Aguirre's Ecuadorian Creole Mass ’Misa de Chimborazo’ – Hungarian premiere. Performers: The most important Hungarian interpreter of Andean folk music, Los Andinos, the New Franz Liszt Chamber Choir, which has existed since 1982, is an ensemble selected from the Alma Mater Choir of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and young musicians who have recently graduated.


Sold Out

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