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SOLD-OUT - DOME_LIVE 021 Platon Karataev: Sunbinder

Sold Out
19:00 - 20:00
Sound Dome
Program series
House of Music Hungary production


SOLD-OUT - DOME_LIVE 021 Platon Karataev: Sunbinder

Spring 2024 sees the release of Platon Karataev's fourth album, Napkötöző [Sunburst], and the House of Music will be the first to give you a taste of it, and in a very special way. The central symbol of the new album, the sun, will rise in the Sound Dome for the first time, projected onto every part of its hemispherical screen. It's an exciting experiment, and a three-dimensional, single-shot, short film-like video clip compilation – an unusually gripping visual representation of several songs from this fresh album – will be presented in this unique space. And Platon Karataev continues their journey, drawing on the traditions of guitar music and combining it with the mystical overtones of their lyrics.

The visual world into which the songs that form the backbone of the band's new album are placed was dreamed up by Ákos Székely.

Sold Out

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