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Making the Audience Part of the Band

A Casual Conversation with Clarinetist Oran Etkin About Audience and Band Coming Together
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17:30 - 18:30
Concert hall
Music education
House of Music Hungary production
Oran Etkin

Making the Audience Part of the Band

This talk will be held in English.

Oran Etkin, the New Yorker clarinetist, talks about the relationship between performer and audience, and the art of listening. Oran Etkin has played his clarinet in almost every corner of the world, from kindergarten classrooms to the Kennedy Center to the House of Music Hungary, where he performed to great acclaim in 2022. Oran Etkin is one of those musicians who is able to connect instantly with his audience. The secret – he tells us – is listening.

The musicians listen to each other, the audience listens to the musicians, and the musicians listen to the audience, thus a music-making community is created. And how can this miracle be recreated day after day? Oran shares his thoughts on this in an hour-long interactive conversation – in English. Participation in this event is free for those who purchase tickets for the evening Oran Etkin-Palya Bea concert.

From 19:30, following the talk, you can attend Oran Etkin's Open Arms Project Feat. Bea Palya concert, and experience at first hand what he has told you about. The event is a continuation of the House of Music’s Let’s Make Music! Showcase Festival, so anyone who signed up for our Showcase last autumn can get their ticket to Oran Etkin's interactive talk at a discount.

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